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Yellowstone bonds


Bonds for the development of A Class Yellowstone Business Centre (J. Jasinskio St. 14, Vilnius) by the Equite Group.

EUR 8,000,000
Bonds issue size
EUR 1,000
Nominal value of a bond
Annual interest rate (coupon)
from 8.5%
Annual yield

UAB Jasinskio 14 Project

Type of securities

Ordinary non-convertible bonds with a fixed interest rate

ISIN code



The Issuer’s shares are pledged for the benefit of the Trustee
acting on behalf of the owners of the bonds

Purpose of the bond issue

To provide a targeted subordinated loan
to UAB Project RE 1 (subsidiary of the Issuer)
for financing the development
of the A Class Yellowstone Business Centre

Nominal value of a bond

EUR 1,000

Maximum amount
of issued bonds

8,000 units

Issue date
(1st stage)

16 December 2022

Stages of bond issue

The aggregate principal amount of bonds will be up to EUR 8,000,000. Bonds will be offered in stages. The issue size at each stage is at the discretion of the Issuer.

More information regarding registration for the listing on NASDAQ.

The issue size prior to
5 December 2023
6,795,000 Eur

Maturity date

16 December 2024

Annual yield

Determined at the bond issuance stage

Annual interest rate (coupon)


The minimum investment
per single investor

The amount required to purchase one bond

Bond price

The bond price is specified in the bond subscription agreements.

Interest pay out frequency

Half-yearly: 16 June 2023; 16 December 2023;
16 June 2024; 16 December 2024.


Public offering

UAB Audifina
Issuer – AB Šiauliu Bankas
Bond account administrator
Law firm Norkus ir Partneriai COBALT
Legal advisor regarding bond issue