2023 / 01 / 30

“Equite” and “Inbalance grid” invest 1.5 million EUR in 600 electric car charging points

Our company “Equite” and the developer of smart electric car charging solutions “Inbalance grid” are planning an investment of about 1.5 million euros in the development of electric car infrastructure in Lithuania. This means that in 2023, 600 public charging points will be installed in the country.

Aurimas Sanikovas, Partner at “Equite”, notes that the development of electric cars is still at a very early stage, and the majority of consumers will charge electric cars in the future at home, workplaces, when traveling between cities – at fast charging stations:

“We are targeting a relatively small but important part of the market – variable the public infrastructure of current medium-power stations, which will provide users with the convenience of charging cheaper in the city after reaching their destination or recharging the car battery in convenient locations within more time available.”

Aurimas Sanikovas, Partner at “Equite”