2023 / 03 / 13

From Baltics, but not in the Baltics: Sherlook case study

March 2023, Vytautas StaugaitisEQUITE Partner and Head of Venture Capital, participated at the 13th annual round table discussion “Capital Markets, Financial Markets and M&A. In the Landscape of Security Architecture” as a speaker to present a case study of one of our portfolio companies – startup “Sherlook”.

In his presentation „From Baltics, but not in the Baltics” he has shared insights about the current market in the perspective of digitalization advancement and human capital, and motivating tips how to implement idea, which raises question “when”, instead of “if”.

„When thinking about Baltic (capital) markets, think not only about risk and returns, liquids and fixed income, but also as about pool of human capital and pool of talent, which experienced tremendous growth over the past 20 years, acquired unique skillset and know-how. Utilize that.”

Vytautas Staugaitis

The event, that has gathered keynote experts from LithuaniaNorwayPoland and Estonia, was organised by Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania together with Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, Finnish Lithuanian chamber of Commerce, Polish and Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, law firm “PRIMUS Legal Advisors”.